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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Home at last

Yes, at last after 16 months away, Kylie is home from her wonderful adventure overseas

The day she arrived, she was meant to fly in at around 9.30am
We were there (well those of us that weren't working) at the airport very excited.

Until, the plane arrived and we watched through the window, the passengers disembarking one by one.

"There she is" became, "no, that's not her" as the plane emptied and we were slowly disapointed . She obviously wasn't on the plane we expected.

Then we saw this sign.......

And realised that her plane wouldn't be in for another couple of hours, and since we live only about a 7 minute drive from the airport, we went home.

I checked online throughout the day and saw that the plane continued to be delayed and then at last it left Sydney, for the hour flight out to Dubbo.
We watched again as the plane emptied and saw someone get out holding one of these.......

Kylie had just come from China, so, seeing the chinese hat, we (ran) walked quickly down to where the passengers enter the airport.
Three people entered wearing the hat and not one of them was her!

There were a few happy tears......

I had a special dinner planned. Kylie's favourite with lasagna and pavalova!

I can't show you the lasagna picture, I might cry.

As I pulled it from the oven, it fell from my hand upside down and made a huge mess all over the oven door. Thanks to Ken, we salvaged enough for dinner, but the sight wasn't pretty. Thanks honey, for cleaning up the mess.

But the pav was great!

Welcome home Kylie, we missed you!