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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A blog at last

Ok. I will write a blog! I know it has been a long time, and I'm not sure of the reason. I could think of a few.

I've been busy.
I always think I need a photo and don't have one.
I should be doing something else.
I don't type very fast.
I should be being productive in some other area.

But, I would like to blog if for no other reason than to journal about our family's life as a momento. Goodness knows I won't remember it all.

So, let me see if I can think of what's been happening around here for the last 6 or more months.

The biggest news of course is that Tom and Katie are getting married in October. Yes, Tom is marrying a Katie, so there will be two Katies in the family . Except our Katie is a Kaity, not a Katie. We are all pretty excited about that.

Jenna is now a second year apprentice. She has been working very hard. She is becoming a very accomplished hairdresser and likes to bless her Mum every now and again with a wash/ colour/ head massage/ hand massage/ blow dry. Lucky me!
Kaity hurt her back last September helping an elderly man in the street that had fallen over. It has been a long recovery, and she is still not completely better.

Kylie is happily living with my parents and being well taken care of whilst attending Uni. She had a wonderful 7 weeks overseas visiting India, Malaysia, Switzerland......... during the last holidays. Hoping to see her next month for a week.

Emily started Tafe this year and is completing a Cert 2 in Music 3 days/ week. She do a Cert 4 when she is finished and hopefully this will be her pathway to Uni. She's still homeschooling in between and babysits a 9 mth old, one day a week. She's BUSY!

Jordan is very happy about a friend that has moved back to town. New things on the agenda this year are going to Drama, Circus, a girls group and working at a school canteen one morning a week.

Ken has left his job and is studying for this year. He's doing a Masters of Special Education, specialising with the Hearing Inpaired. He's so much happier away from his job, it was pretty stressful with long hours. He's been doing some work with the hearing impaired teachers here in the local schools, one on one with students and enjoys it. It's a big step of faith for us. God has provided two days work this last week with the HI (hearing impaired).

Last year we completed training to become to become Foster parents of babies 6 mths and under. So this year we are expecting to be looking after babies in our home. We believe God has led us in this direction, so trusting Him for sleepless nights and more that is sure to come.

That will do for now :-) Hopefully there will be more to come.