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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Well, we're off camping for the weekend. We're not going far, about an hour away to a dam.

I made lists, yes I like lists. It's the only way to go for me.

I cooked in advance so that I get to relax for the weekend.

Everything's packed, and we're ready to go early!

Can't wait to get out into God's creation and breathe.

Maybe I'll get to see a sunset :-) and feel the wind on my face.

Have a great weekend, my friends.

Wish you were coming too Kylie!

Bye Bye


  1. You know - I love a good cup of tea. Fresh, hot and strong out of a teapot.
    The only cup of tea better than that is one boiled in an old black kettle, over the coals from last night's campfire, watching the sun rise on a misty morning.....
    Sigh. Hope you had a great time. Wish like crazy we'd gone with you!!!

  2. Thanks for all your prep Hon. Food was great and your a legend. Mwah