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Sunday, April 18, 2010


A few highlights from the last couple of weeks.

Yes at last, both Kaity and Jenna now have their "P"s. Kaity was so kind, and baked Jenna a "P" cake.

Yes, Kaity in the kitchen IS dangerous :-)

That means that I do not have an "L" driver in the family! Not for the next year anyway.

That means independence for them, and staying at home for us.

Actually two comments from others were that once you have to stop getting 120hrs of driving with the kids and they drive themselves, you no longer get as much "talk" time together.

The other was that the time you spent driving with them, becomes praying time instead.

Tom is driving Emily and Jordan back from Bourke as I write, and yes I woke up to praying this morning for them.

A highlight of the last week was a beautiful dinner that Jenna made for Ken and I for no reason except I guess she loves us! She did an excellent job.

We had nibblies......avocardo, cheese, sundried tomatoes and crackers. We ate this so quick, there was no time for photos.

An entree of homemade creamy potatoe and onion soup.

The main meal was chicken with creamy mushroom sauce, rice and grilled vegetables.

Did you notice the special "touches"? Roses on the wine glasses, parsley on the soup, serviettes were tied around our water glasses, candles and the special little rice mounds. Cute!

Dessert (which I could hardly fit in) was chocolate fondue with strawberries and oranges.

She did an excellent job. Everything was homemade, and their was no drama, it just kept flowing from the kitchen and we felt very spoilt.

Why would you go out????

Thank you Jenna, you did an excellent job. Well done!


  1. Look at all those empty places at the table! Looks so good Jenna x
    And yes, with Kaity looking like that, why would u ever let her in the kitchen! Good looking cake though!

  2. yup Kaity is dangerous, Dinner was gr8, my daughters are excellent drivers, and my wife is gorgeous.

  3. What a wonderful gesture for Jenna to cook such a beautiful meal. Can I have the recipe for the soup please. Looks like cooking runs in the family. Also congratulations to the girls for getting their "P's"

  4. I know I've said this before, but I really think it's needs repeating... I want Jenna!!!!