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Monday, April 5, 2010

Gone Bush

Ken and I went bush for the weekend

We ate some great food

I had great company

The countryside was beautiful

The rivers were full

We ended up at one of our favourite places

Can you guess where this is?

Yes, Bourke. Crazy isn't it.

But it just keeps pulling us back there

It always feels like we have come home when we get there

It was a good weekend!


  1. ..."cos once you've crossed the north bourke bridge...the outback calls you back."
    looks beautiful!! love you xx

  2. It has a magnetic pull, I think. Love you too.

  3. Love you both, gr8 weekend. We do it again real soon.

  4. overseas visitorApril 5, 2010 at 6:43 PM

    I know that place!!!

    :-) Can I come next time???? Please?

  5. How I would have loved a weekend there, Bourke has a beautiful feel to it and I love the sunsets and the red dirt. Glad you had a great weekend

  6. Going there next week! Strange...I feel a sort of...pull...towards it.....

  7. I loved Bourke. My favorite place to visit in Oz. Would love to come back! Thanks for the photos.

  8. Anytime David, but next time you must bring Joy!