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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Yes, I'm alone.

It doesn't happen ofter and when it does, it's normally for a very short time, perhaps an hour or two.
But this morning, my family left very early to drive to Sydney, to go to the cricket. It's at least five hours, depending on traffic, so they were away around six. They are staying the night in Sydney and won't be back until tomorrow afternoon.

What to do?

It would be nice to pop over to spend time with Mum and Dad, but they're about 1000kms away. So are my brothers. Kylie , who was with me last year when the family went to the cricket, is in Alabama. Can't spend time with her.

Shopping? No. Not a big shopper.

Clean the house? Boring, when I've got the day to myself.

Sleeping? Now that's a thought. Tom didn't arrive till almost midnight last night, and we did stay talking for at least an hour after that, and then I couldn't actually get to sleep for hours, and then one child who thought i was her father, shook me awake to leave at around 5.30am.......sleeping feels like a good idea, but i should at least wait till after midday for a nap.

Visit a friend?

Now that's a good idea.

Can always sleep later!


  1. I know the feeling. When Gwen and Floyd took the girls for the weekend a couple of weeks ago I couldn't decide what to do. Josh suggested cleaning, odd jobs, etc. But I feel like I need to do something other than what I do ALL the time. =) I think that time alone makes me a better mama. Enjoy your time alone!!

  2. i'm sorry i woke you up, i thought you were dad!