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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Window Boxes

I really want to share some of the beautiful window boxes that we saw when we were OS last August.

The shutters help make them look so cute.

I couldn't help myself, I took lots of these window shots and they really were all over the place.
The ones in Switzerland, were the nicest!

One of my favourites, don't you love the pink shutters?

I decided that when we came home, I was going to have window boxes too!

But I haven't managed it yet.

I'd really like to print out my "flower box" photos and hang them up decoratively in my home to remember them.


  1. Those would look good with a white border in simple black frames in a grid pattern on the wall. (like this scroll down)

    I also think the 4th one or the two bottom ones would look awesome blown up and printed on a canvas!!

    They are gorgeous windowboxes and I think the shutters really do make the look. *sigh*

  2. Oh OS, Schmo S. Rub it in why dontcha!! I do have to admit that they are absolutely beautiful! I love the simplicity of the last one and the overgrown wildness of the 3rd from bottom. Pink ones are pretty too! I think they would make a lovely set of prints on the wall. You could keep the pictures quite small with chunky, old fashioned, white-washed frames. Niiiiice......