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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

World History

Joy asked me what I was using for World History Part 1 this year. Thought I'd share some of the great books we will be reading. I'm excited!

Yes, we will use all of the Sonlight course, Core 6 for History and Bible and Literature. I love Sonlight in that it's all sorted out for me, and the books are a great read. There's also great suggestions in the back that you can or cannot use regarding vocabulary, cultural literacy questions, nature study questions, ideas for narrations and comprehension questions. If someone has already thought through all these things, then I'm not going to waste brain power by redoing what's already been done.

I'm just not an ideas woman....a much better follower of instructions. :-)

Here's a few of them that we'll be delving into.

The main source for History is "The Story of the World" by Susan Wise Bauer. We'll cover her "Ancient Times" and " Middle Ages" books this year, and then her two next books "Early Modern Times" and "The Middle Age" next year. They are so readable and not textbooky.

Some others that Sonlight uses are from the series by Genevieve Foster and include "The World of Columbus and Sons"and "Augustus Caesar's World". I love these, they are so interesting!

We also work through "The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History". This is colourful, interesting and has links to the net aswell. Very easy to understand. Oh, and I realised that there's more of these covering The Stuarts, The Romans and Knights. I want them!

Well that covers the History component of Core 6. I'll try to post about the readers/read a louds and Bible another time.

If only school had been this way for me (and my older kids in the early years). I'm just thankful to God for His leading in this area in the last few years. School is MUCH more interesting than ever before (and relaxed).

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  1. Yay - let's hear it for relaxed schooling!! Ummm Kayleen, is there going to be a recipe for Mumma's soup anytime in the near future? I mean, your whole blog is based around this particular theme. I looooooooove soup. So maybe you're just being a big tease......meanie.