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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Birthday Presents

Two of my friends have birthdays on two consecutive days. Yesterday and today.

I wanted to buy them each a pressie to show them that I care about them and appreciate them.So, came up with an idea for both that varied a little but included some of these things.

I had a couple of these and thought I'd recycle them.

One friend is a bit of a gourmet cook so I knew she'd like this.

I needed to grind some wheat for myself and had these little bags, so ground up some extra and filled them with some fresh, wholemeal flour for them. (No Helen, not by hand :-))

Who can resist these?

When we were in Italy last year with Kylie :-), we had these unbelieveable Pesto Pizzas. I have been on the hunt ever since for a great recipe. And I recently came across this recipe which is too scrumptous! So bought some fresh basil and blended up this to pop in also. Added a box of nice crackers aswell.

Gourmet birthday bags! I think they liked them. (I liked them)

I need to put my thinking cap on for Jordan's Birthday on Monday. She'll be 13!


  1. those are awesome pressies!! and I can't believe Jordan is 13!! (well almost)

    what other curriculum are you using? and is it expensive to buy Sonlight? do you buy from the States?

  2. Kayleen you're so sweet. But my birthday isn't until October and I'm not sure that the pesto will last that long....
    Not sure I want your (not hand-ground)flour anyway. I have some standards you know!!!
    By the way, I totally love the cool and effortless way you just drop in "when we were in Italy...." blah, blah, blah! (don't mind me, just a wee bit jealous)
    How is that horrible Kylie girl? Been to any other exotic foreign countries recently?? On a big ship. Cruising around. Sigh. Hate her too.
    Hmmmm Jordan's birthday could be a tough one. Good luck.

  3. Can't wsit to see what you dream up for my up coming birthday.
    other 1/2