Mumma's Soup....a favourite in our home.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mumma's Soup

It's a known fact around here that everybody loves Mumma's Soup.

I can't take credit for this soup originally, because my Mum reads my blog. :-)
It's made up of all good things and when I make it, I feel like a really good Mum.
There can be up to seven vegetables in it and put with some homemade bread, it's so nutritious and yummy.

We love it!

As you know, Tom has been here this week for Tafe, and left today.
After he got here on Sunday, he asked if there was any "Mumma's Soup".

It's still summer here, for goodness sake. We don't eat soup in summer, do we Mum?

But yesterday, I made Mumma's Soup for my son and fed it to him today for lunch before he left for his home, with freshly baked bread.

He's not into compliments much, my son.
He should be.
He's grown up listening to Ken saying, " MMMMMMmmmm" all his life.

But he's not!

As we sat eating lunch, there was a short silence and then Tom says,

" I've been dreaming about this".

Any Mum knows that this is a compliment and yes, it warmed my heart.

Even sent home two frozen containers of "Mumma's Soup" wrapped in bubble wrap for him, so he could stop dreaming!


  1. All true! We LOVE Mumma's soup...!

  2. Mmmmm Mmmmmm oh Mummas Soup
    Mmmmm Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Oh Mumma

  3. Oh I see! I'm the one praying for you every Monday morning (well, one so far) at some unreasonable hour (I know, that's actually when I get up) - but can I see any little bubble-wrapped packages of Mumma's soup turning up at my house anytime soon?????

    Umm Koala - you better slow down on the soup, you might do yourself an injury!!!